Holiday Update

Published by Jason DeGroff on December 30, 2020

Happy Holidays from the Swing Team!

What a year… 2020 has been one that we will certainly not forget anytime soon. As we are wrapping up this year and entering into the holiday season, we thought there couldn’t be a better time to update our friends and Swing family on the exciting progress that we’ve made over the last 12 months in the face of all the challenges that have defined 2020.

This has been a year of growth for Swing. We’ve added some new faces to the team in addition to exciting partners to the project. Meanwhile, the architecture and engineering teams at HH Architecture and Stewart Engineering have continued to make enhancements to our design for what is shaping up to be a truly world-class campus.

Fun fact: 2020 has been a record year for the growth of Tennis and pickleball, and for good reason, built-in social distancing! We get really excited about our ability to impact the growth of racquet sports and our mission of ensuring that everyone in the community, regardless of their socioeconomic background, can reap the health and wellness benefits.

Earlier this year we launched the Swing Racquet + Paddle brand and enjoyed a warm reception from the community as evidenced by inbound inquiries about the facility, social media connections and subscribers on our website. The community buzz continued to rise after we completed some site prep work and installed the branded fencing out the property, even bringing the mayor out to the site to show her support for the project. Did you miss those? You can see the articles and video from the local press here!

Regarding new faces, we’re excited to share two additions to “Team Swing”, Cole Wilson and Christian Pettus!

Cole Wilson, our Director of Brand Development, joined the team in July this year and has already made an incredible impact. Cole is a very talented up and comer with a passion for sports marketing and talents that go well beyond. Cole has been a tremendous addition to Team Swing and is behind everything we do with brand development while also supporting us on so many other fronts. Going forward, Cole will play a multi-faceted role with involvement in marketing, design, membership acquisition and operational planning…and anything else we can think to throw at him! He’s got great vision, a big brain and has a can-do attitude with everything he approaches. Cole will be a future leader and can serve in multiple capacities for Swing. While he’s been a huge help this year, this addition to the team will yield dividends for years to come, we’re truly lucky to have him.

Christian and his family are our neighbors at Mt. Herman Road! As many of you have seen, we invested in some roadside branding and general maintenance of the land where Swing will be built. This has been a wonderful place to conduct meetings in a socially distanced setting to include many of our team meetings…this is one beautiful board room! Christian maintains the property and keeps things looking great for our visitors. The land actually belonged to his family for generations prior to the City purchasing it and his uncle operates Page Farms (amazing strawberry and pumpkin picking!) across the street. His great grandfather planted many of the trees that we will be celebrating as part of the campus design. He said, the first time we met him, that it would mean a lot to him to be the one to maintain the site and it’s clear he meant that as he takes care of it like it’s his own! It’s even become a family affair at times with Debra and Steve joining in and working with Christian on the weekends. We’re excited to have our neighbors involved and look forward to showcasing the Page Farm strawberry smoothies down the road! We’ve been running full steam ahead this year,  and the silver lining to this otherwise traumatic year is that it has afforded us an opportunity to make design changes that align to the “new normal”, reducing the indoor footprint in favor of more outdoor programming and to ensure better ventilation at indoor spaces. This simple direction has yielded other changes and a refined design that we feel couldn’t be better for the guest experience. While we aren’t quite ready to share the full updated design, we expect to be able to in the coming months and soon after begin releasing a limited number of founding memberships for sale. More to come on those two fronts soon.

We hope everyone has a fantastic  Holiday Season!

Keep Swinging!
Rob + Jason

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